Indee Welcome Wagon Rolls On

The Independence Welcome Wagon rolled its way throughout Independence as deliveries to new residents were disbursed.

Four new packages were delivered last Thursday to the surprise of their recipients.  Along with their reusable shopping bag full of donated items, they were also greeted with a bouquet of fresh flowers, courtesy of Bland’s Flower Shop.

One of those being welcomed to the community was Kelly Bowden.  Kelly and her husband Josh moved to Independence from Missouri.  Josh is the new Veterinarian at Winthrop Vet Clinic.  “It was nice to meet new people and ask some basic questions like where and when do we recycle”, laughed Bowden.   After contacting Waste Management to line-up their recycle container, the Bowden’s will be able to look through the many wonderful donations and gift certificates that they can use as they get settled in their new home and community.

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