Independence Branding Project – Research Findings

As many of you are aware Independence is experiencing challenges similar to those of other small towns across the country, it does however have many reasons to be optimistic about the future. With a unique history, a strong name an abundance of recreation opportunities, and numerous updated civic resources, Independence has the ability to distinguish itself in the minds of current and potential residents.

What will define Independence? How can Independence create a better experience for residents, businesses, and visitors?

Leaders in the community believe that defining a distinct identity will not only boost community pride, but also guide future community decisions and establish an effective marketing effort to residents, potential residents, and visitors.

bluespace creative offered an analysis of the brand and marketing efforts of Independence, Iowa, as well as a strategy designed to generate additional activity and interest in the community. This Level 3 Blueprint is a look at the most critical challenges facing Independence from a marketing and branding perspective.

Research provided by bluespace.