Independence Branding Project-Logo Identity

As part of Phase 3 of the Branding Project, bluespace creative provided the following original logo identity concepts.

Logo Development Overview

In creating these options, the bluespace creative team set out to encompass Independence’s rich history, strong spirit and American pride.
Because a logo is an instant visual representation of the brand, it is important that it is highly discernible and readable, whether printed small on a business card or at a distance on a sign. In order to function correctly, the identity must be built simply, so that it creates a true icon to represent the brand. It must also be unique so it is immediately distinguished from any other brand.

The following options were original presentations. Click here to view the full presentation document along with examples of how each logo mark could be utilized.

Option 1

Subliminally hinting at an Independence Day fireworks celebration, this icon also represents the outward growth of a youthful spirit. The red and blue dots symbolize a celebration of America’s independence and the vibrance of a community boldly seeking the future. The typeface reflects the forward-looking nature of Independence and the spirit of progress to be found there.

Option 2

While also representing the themes of spirit, progress, and patriotism evident in Option 1, this icon’s more literal interpretation of exploding fireworks represents the forever-upward trajectory of Independence. The bold streaks and blue stars show the energy and enthusiasm of a vibrant community. A celebration of the exuberant spirit of Independence, in word and form, is captured in this icon.

Option 3

This option is a variation of the original option 2 above with a different typeface as requested by the A.I. committee.

Option 4

This icon features a stylized flag that incorporates the basic symbol of America’s independent states: the white star on blue. The “I” in Independence represents the flagpole that proudly holds the flag aloft. The patriotic link between Independence and America’s history is prominent here. This icon reflects a deep pride in the nation, in the City of Independence and in the ideals represented by the city’s name.

Additional Options

Absolutely Indee presented the original 4 options above to Council on June 5 and gave a recommendation of option 2 above. After some feedback from area businesses, Council asked that A.I. meet with additional entities to garner feedback on these options. A.I. heard some of the feedback and asked bluespace to produce slightly different variations of option 2 in particular.

Bluespace complied and delivered the following final options for review. The firm still believes that the original option 2 is the strongest logo mark. Click here to see their additional logo variations document.

Revision Option 1 (Original Option 2)

Revision Option 2

This option is a slight variation of the one above it using a lower case “i” rather than upper case.

Revision Option 3

This option places the logo mark in the center of the verbiage rather than on top of the “I”.

Revision Option 4

Revision Option 5

Revision Option 6

Approved Logo

The Independence City Council approved the following logo as the official city logo mark.