About Indee-Go Healthy

Indee-Go Healthy

Indee-Go Healthy was originally formed in the fall of 2011 when a group of citizens gathered together in the attempts of becoming a “Blue Zone” community.  Although Independence was not selected to become a Blue Zone, the members of the committee felt the goals of the committee were valuable.  Indee-Go Healthy members chose to continue our work in reaching them, and making Independence a healthier community for its citizens.  Many of our goals are centered on the Power 9 principles.   In 2013 the City of Independence and our committee received the Iowans Fit for Life grant in the amount of $10,000.

Grant Funds were used in 2013-2014 to:

  • Bring awareness to our community of healthier lifestyle options.
  • Bicycle racks were purchased and placed throughout the city.
  • Promote healthy cooking classes at Buchanan County Health Center.
  • Promote the Independence Farmers Market & guest chefs.
  • Purchase signs for the Bicycle Safe Route to School.
  • Mail packets of information to all residents in the Independence Community School District regarding the bicycle safe route to school.
  • Enhance the community gardens near Dairy Queen.
  • Bicycle rodeo – 3rd grade students in Independence in partnership with Independence Community School District and local law enforcement.
  • Green Thumb Camp (summer day camp) in partnership with Buchanan County ISU Extension & Outreach and Independence Community School District.

While the Iowans Fit for Life Grant is complete; Indee-Go Healthy continues to strive to achieve our mission: “To promote increased awareness and opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating to improve the overall health, happiness and well-being of the residents of Independence!”

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